Use Abat Jour To Make Your Place More Aesthetically Pleasing 

Abat Jouris a light bulb holder used to disperse the light it spreads. It can be made up of plastic, fabric, glass, or stone and other decorative items that help to add the beauty of the room and makes it more aesthetically pleasing to one’s eyes. The main purpose is to screen the bright light thus protecting your eyes from getting dazzled and can also be used to direct light in a particular direction for the reading purpose.

Enhance the beauty of your interior by using decorative Abat Jour

From many years Abat Jour has been used a decorative item as people have been making it in various colors, styles, designs, and materials.

To add beauty to your room you can use any of the mentioned ideas:

  • It plays a very integral role in decorating your place as light has always been considered as a decorative element for this reason only we look at the starry sky, fireworks, etc
  • Match the color of the Abat Jourwith the interiors like wallpaper, ceiling paint, cushion covers, carpet, etc to add on a monochromatic effect to your place
  • Make sure you use a thick and fine-looking material so that it can regulate the amount of light a bulb will emit as too much of light can make the room glare
  • Or Just buy one that makes you feel comfortable and suits your taste taking the consideration of your interior designer.

Make sure you clean it regularly

To clean your lampshade, you can use a clean fabric, or a piece of silk cloth, or a wet sponge. Firstly, remove the lampshade and then use a soft brush, or dirt collector, or a vacuum cleaner to remove dust particles from your lampshade. Secondly, make sure your hands are clean, it is advised to wear gloves so that you don’t spoil lampshade in the process of cleaning it. Lastly, If the material is paper then use a brush to clean it and if the material is plastic you can clean it with a wet cloth or wet sponge. Cleaning makes it look good and adds life to it. You can also use a dryer to dry it or just leave it in the air.

Abat Jour is a very worthwhile item be it for reading purpose or decorating purpose but make sure you match with the interiors of your place and clean it regularly.


Lesa Hill