Things you need to consider before buying a perfect cage

Keeping birds as a pet is quite common nowadays especially the Parakeets. However, the owner must be educated enough and he or she must know how to take care their birds. People opt birds as pets because they think that they do not require much attention. However, they are absolutely wrong. It is true that they do not require as much attention as a cat or a dog would do, but they require a lot of their care and nurturing as well.

Here is a guide in order to choose a perfect Parakeet cages:

  • Size:

There are a variety of different kinds of parrots. Some are very big, however, some are quite small like the Parakeets. The size of the Parakeet cages must be big enough so that they can fly and move around easily. The owner must also consider the nature of the birds as well. For bigger birds, the size of the bar must be bigger and the can be a little wider. Nevertheless, the owner must keep in mind that the bigger the bird, the stronger it will be, hence, the cage must be strong enough. Although when smaller birds are considered the distance between the bars must not be too far as the birds would tend to escape. The bars must also be horizontal so that the birds cannot escape. 18×18×24 is the perfect size for the smaller birds.

  • The shape of the cage:

Birds feel insecure in round cages due to the lack of corners. The birds might feel exposed and the bird also needs a hideaway at times. For birds, the length of the cage is important as compared to the height. Therefore, the owner must consider this fact as the birds will have a longer life span if they are able to do things as they please.

  • The orientation of the bars:

The bars must be arranged in a way that the birds do not escape from the cage. If the bars are not properly arranged then there is a possibility that the bird might hurt themselves.

  • The quality of the cage:

Get a good quality cage. If the quality of the cage is not that good, it will lose its shape and you might observe dents that might change its shape. Low-quality cages are prone to breakage if the bird is too big like a macaw or a cockatoo.

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Jamie Whitfield