The Flexibility And Convenience Of Koeltransport Polen Service

Import and export of goods are one of the major parts of the Polish economy. Several transport agencies transfer goods from and to the borders of Poland and several other countries within the European Union. Transport services in these countries are continental and hence refrigerated transport is a necessity. The koeltransport polen is a great service provided by various transport companies and helps in keeping the good and loads fresh.

The Special Refrigerated Transport Service

The export and import of goods take place daily and one transport departs at least 3 times a week. The group carriers load complete batches daily and the customers have the choice of part batches, groupage along with complete loads for both import to and export from Poland.

The laws are flexible since Poland is a part of the European Union and the document that is needed to access the service is a CMR bill of lading.

The monitoring laws were passed in 2017 for regulating tobacco products, alcohol, and fuels. In the case of import and export of these products, license and online registration of the goods is a must. Companies intending to transport “sensitive” goods must register the transport online.

Conditions for eligibility of transport

There are several pre-established conditions and selected goods are eligible for export polen service. General cargo, adhesives, artworks, food, fuel, project cargo, conditioned goods, sensitive goods, and certain hazardous substances are eligible for refrigerated transport.

The maximum weight or the gross load cannot exceed 24 tons, including packaging and load carrier.

Transport services in emergencies and special situations provide “express service” for urgent transport and couriers. On a national holiday and festivals, most of the services are closed due to a nationwide driving and traffic ban on these days.

Advantages of Koel Transport

There are several key advantages of koeltransport polen:

  • Flexibility with time
  • Flexibility with size
  • Covers and cash backs in case of incomplete service
  • Ideal temperatures for goods and products.
  • The customers can handle the packaging on their own
  • Overnight standby option
  • Availability of dual compartments

Apart from this, the refrigerated transport service is not that much expensive and is really cost effective. The drivers are all professionals and ensure the safety of the good and that the goods reach their destination on time.

The refrigerated export and import service for goods has been a great opportunity for business personnel and customers for saving time, money and fuel.



Lesa Hill