Sewing Help 101- A Guide For All The Beginners

There are some skills that just help us in more ways than one and sewing is one of them. For one it is relaxing. Our life right now is so hectic and fast paced, what with all the advancements in technology, all of us are just racing to catch up with everything; and sometimes it can all get a bit too much. Sewing is a great way to just ground yourself and feel calm and collected again. It’s great because it keeps your mind occupied but since it’s just the same actions over and over again you are free to meditate and think about different things; effectively reducing stress. Of course, relaxing isn’t the only way that sewing help us, there are quite a lot of benefits when it comes to practicing sewing:

  1. Studies have shown that sewing improves our hand-eye coordination: Sewing requires attention to detail and this helps in relieving physical ailments like back pain. If you are interested in enhancing your motor skills then sewing is a great way to start. It is simple and rewarding at the same time.
  2. Promotes brain growth: Sewing encourages creativity and in so doing allows your brain to create new cells easier; therefore sewing improves mental growth.
  3. It makes you happier: As with most arts and craft activities, sewing stimulates your brain into releasing dopamine (the hormones responsible for happiness). It boosts cognitive, creative and emotional wellness and health.
  4. It fights dementia: Sewing requires a series of steps, all followed in a particular order, this keeps your brain active and ensures your mind is clear and focused.
  5. Uniqueness: You can your own fresh and unique twist to your wardrobe using your mad sewing skills.

When it comes to starting new hobbies all of us put it off until the next day and then the next and we never get around to starting anything. And so to jumpstart your sewing hobby, make sure you’re serious about this and follow the steps given below to get on the track to making your own clothes:

  1. Join an introductory sewing class just to get the hang of things. To warm you up before you start going at it solo.
  2. Start with small sewing projects and complete them before moving onto harder and more time-consuming projects. This gives you practice and builds your confidence.
  3. Get the right tools to better aid you in your endeavors.

There are plenty of websites online that provide sewing help if you should ever require it to better your skills and Teach You To Sew

Lesa Hill