Reducing the risk of IP booting


As we all know, technology is really advancing and with great and malicious minds, your network or your business is not an exception of IP booting and sometimes we cannot do anything about it. IP booter is the tool that malicious people or people who will want to hurt you deliberately will use to direct data that is excess to your system. Usually, we are unable to prevent the attempt but we can take precautions by taking necessary measures before that happens.

For example, we can opt to pass the all system through too much stress testing process that will help you know if at all someone can pass through your server by directing malicious content towards it. We can also check the system yourself and determine if the system or network is stable enough. If you find out that your server is not stable, it is good to always upgrade it. This will help in cases where someone is trying to boot your network.

Second, try using a VPN. This is the best way to prevent the IP booters from reaching you because the VPN will hide your IP address. In order to flood your network, your real IP address is needed to go through with this activity. Hiding will make it not easy to send this kind of information loading to your network. When you hide your IP address using the VPN no one will know the exact IP because the search result of your IP will be random and not specific.

You may also consider using the indicator method to reduce the risk of being booted. This method is simple and free but it’s not a guarantee that you will not be hacked.

To reduce excess damage, you can also consider storing more data on your server. You might not be in need of all that data or information but it can be helpful in helping the system fight. Therefore, an additional five hundred bandwidth in your system is good for you. This will make sure that the attack also struggles to get through as you find a way to stop it.

As long as you have a business dealing with network, finance or just a web, you are prone to booting. Therefore, it is always good to take precautions that will help in reducing the damage that might be caused by IP booting


Lesa Hill