Know What Are ITV Competitions?

itv comps is one of the largest reality TV competitions popular in the UK. They include the biggest prize draw competitions in the UK. These are based on quizzes, tasks or mics which comes with rewards. These are held in certain levels and the rewards increases each time someone passes from a lower to a higher level. And finally, the highest level with the biggest prize. They come as regular shows be it on weekends, or week-days, fortnights.

Some of the popular daytime weekly itv comps are;

  • This Morning :- It is a British Daytime television show premiering on weekdays that features news, fashion, food, health, real life, topics and many more. It’s quite an award winning show holding the ‘National Television Awards’ for the best Daytime/Live magazine show from 2011-2018.
  • Loose Women: – It is also a British panel show that features interviewing celebrities, discussing about their social lives, and discussing topicsrelated to politics, current affairs, entertainment and news. It also is held in form of live-shows and talks and is also the holder of the ‘National Television Award’ for the best daytime/most popular factual show.
  • Real Deal: – It is also a UK based show which features modern antiques and collectibles that are presented over by the public whose values are estimated and then dealt with dealer in exchange for cash. This show was quite popular in its prime days.

And then comes the weekend blasts, mega shows that comes with huge money prizes. Some of these are;

  • X Factor – It is a worldwide based music competition that is held around the world and is quite popular in recognizing renowned talents in the field of music industry. The term ‘X-factor’ is definable for the special quality in an individual that makes up for the quality. The prize is usually a recording contract, some stage appearances or a lump of cash prize.
  • Britain’s Got Talent: – It is a British Talent show contest. Participants are first auditioned on the basis of their talents and then they are selected for the live events in which they are competed against other participants to prove whose talent is the most superior. Then again, the rewards or prizes come with a sum of money in general or a scope to go with their talents on a more established field.

Overall all these shows or programs broadcast over the ITV network provide the viewers with a lot of entertainment, or even rewards associated with the shows. Then there are those which help an individual to show up on the world’s stage and again those that come up as discussion houses dealing with the social lives of people, thus covering all the aspects that are included in our day to day lives.


Lesa Hill