Know The Product Life Cycle Of Putlocker

Putlocker is a platform that alludes to different online record facilitating sites for gushing amusement media, especially movies and TV. The best part is no payment is required to watch. Having its origin in the UK, it has developed to get a considerable number of guests every day. During mid-2016, the site was obstructed by a High Court, ironical to which it was positioned among the best 300 most accessed sites all over the world.

History and Origin of Putlocker

It began in the UK with the URL titled Towards the beginning of January 2012, around 700,000 guests visited the site per day, however after the well-known site Megaupload was closed down because of copyright issues, Putlocker started accepting roughly more than 1.5 million guests daily. Later the site’s URL was made as, which was not accepted and Police Intellectual Unit of Crimes seized it.

The Growth and Decline of Putlocker

  • During autumn of the year 2016, it. Is the address which is shown on the website expressing that the site’s host administration cannot be accessed now. Putlocker was declared a threat to piracy them. It was blocked in other countries like Vietnam as well.
  • Preceding its conclusion, the website is recorded among the 300 best sites in the world and the best in 200 in the US, as indicated by the Alexa data. A parallel website titled as showed up soon after the expected end of happened.
  • In November 2016, it ended up being dynamic once more, diverting its clients to the refreshed URL titled as which was later suspended. Such was a catch and chase journey of this website.
  • Despite so many suspensions, the website was relaunched as and later as, which accounted for diverting guests to a misleading website. And the virus spread with different domains in different countries.
  • After this, in mid-2017, it was reported that 10%-15% of web clients in the United Kingdom were infringing copyright through the unlawful downloading of media.

In conclusion, Putlocker’s URL has shifted on numerous times since throughout its journey of growth and decline, with the latest one being, which ended and moved to as matter responsibility and stopped online scamming. It was a joint venture of government in many countries. This website has seen both growth and decline in the market before being finally shutdown. Despite being inaccessible, even today authorities have this doubt if the site is blocked or is there some parallel site still running somewhere in the world.


Lesa Hill