How To Pick A Vintage Birdcage

There many people nowadays that love having birds. These birds are quite high maintenance creature. They are very choosy about the food they eat and the place they call home. The cage you get for the bird must be made in accordance with the bird. For example, bigger birds like a Macaw Parrots or a cockatoo require big cages with a big dome on the top. Moreover, the bar spacing must not be too narrow as their beak can get themselves out of the cage. While smaller birds do not need big cages, however, it must be big enough so that they can fly around according to their own free will.

Hence, picking the right cage at the right price might not be that easy considering the variety of cages available in the market today. Every bird requires different types of settings, hence, you must consider all the factors before buying the perfect vintage birdcage.


If you are planning to have a big bird like a macaw or a cockatoo then go for taller cages. Most preferably the cage must have a dome. Domes enable the cage to have a bigger interior.  If you are going for smaller birds then get them a wide cage. The small birds love to fly and hop around, plus, they have a very playful nature. A wide cage will help them to move around easily and stay contented.

More space:

The more space you will provide to your bird, the less it would feel that it is captivated. This will help them feel good and comfortable in the cage. It is also important that if you are keeping a lot of accessories in the vintage birdcage then make sure it is enough space left for the bird itself. More space for the bird means more space for flying. If your bird feels comfortable and happy the longer it would live. Big birds live longer than the owner. They can live for more than a hundred years, however, it depends on the living conditions that are provided to the bird.


The material makes the vintage cage fragile or robust. If you are looking for a cage for a bigger bird than going for wood or steel. If the bird is smaller then go for wired or light cages. However, you need to be careful of the fact that bigger birds love chewing on stuff. Hence, choose the material wisely. Visit Cute Parrots for more birdcages for your lovely birds.

Lesa Hill