Combi Boiler an Indigenous Space Saver

Combi boiler is an Indigenous space saving idea and is becoming a popular choice among the houses. It can perform the functions of both high- efficiency water heater and a boiler boiling at central heating points, both the functions combined in one single compact unit. It saves a lot of space as no extra cylinder is required. It delivers the water through the main pressure directly into the taps and showers, so that shower can be enjoyed without any connection of the pump. As the size of the boiler is small it does not requires much space to be installed. It is a very compact boiler and heater.

Who should use a combi boiler?

As their size is very small and they have an excellent ability to heat water on demand, combi boilers are best suited for homes having limited space or small families. Gas and LPG models of these boilers are very popular but if you want oil- fired model that is also available. The choice depends on you to purchase whichever model you like.

Pros of a combi boiler

  • More efficient – When compared with other boilers, combi boilers are proving themselves that they are much more efficient than any other boilers and can save energy to a great extent.
  • Cheaper – These boilers are not very complex as compared to any other traditional boiling systems. Which means that installation of the boiler is not as typical and can easily be installed.
  • Faster – As there no water tanks are required to heat up the water, these boilers give us an unlimited supply of water which in turn means that the user doesn’t have to wait for long to get the hot water. There is an instant supply of water.
  • More compact – These boilers take up much less space than conventional boilers, as they do not require any separate water tank, taking up much less space. It is ideal for the homes having limited space.
  • Safer – The cold water that is present in the boiler is safe to drink as it comes from the direct main water supply but this is not the case with the traditional system boilers.

Do give a try to combi boilers by switching from your conventional boilers. Combi boilers offer many services to the customer and most importantly they are energy efficient which means that where conventional boilers save only 55% of the energy combi boilers save up to 90% of the energy. They are a great saver for your electricity bills.

Lesa Hill